There are not many website hosting solutions that provide lifetime access for a once off price but we came across one from Buy Software Apps that just does that.

Most hosting services require you to pay a monthly fee, but this lifetime deal we are going to share with is different. Instead of paying for the year, you pay one upfront fee. This allows you to host your website as long as you like. The hosting provider guarantees that you will have this hosting for this low price for as long as you maintain your hosting. If you have a personal website or a small business website that has been up for a considerable amount of time, you may find that the domain name you purchased for it is expiring soon. You may also find that it’s now impossible to keep up with the costs involved in maintaining that website on the hosting service it currently uses. If so, you may have to reconsider your options. One of the easiest ways to handle this problem is to move your website over to a new hosting service that offers lifetime website hosting.

Do you have a website that you want to keep online for the rest of your life? You might think that this is impossible today, because of the constantly changing technology landscape of the internet. Fortunately, hosting companies have come up with a way to address these concerns. Through a process called “lifetime hosting”, hosting companies will guarantee to host your website for the rest of your life. The catch is, you are paying a premium price for this guarantee but this premium price is only $69.99. You can host 10 websites and if you do your calculations, $69.99 is a bargain.

Online Hosting Solutions Lifetime Website Hosting Deal

This is the deal I’m referring to: StartHost Unlimited SSD Hosting Lifetime Deal for $69.99

You can buy this deal directly here: Give me the deal

Some companies are offering “lifetime” deals on their web hosting services. They say that you can host unlimited sites for life, and you will have access to all of their features. But what does this lifetime deal really mean? Do you really get unlimited sites? Does the company promise that you will have access to all the features for your lifetime? Or is this offer just a marketing ploy? To answer these questions, you need to read the fine print and find out what is really included in these deals.

I’m not too sure how long this deal will last for so get it now! If you’re after more lifetime deals, also check out Only Lifetime Deals

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